My name is Alfio Cerini. I was born in 1974 and I live in Giumaglio (Southern Switzerland). I'm into mountain biking since 1988. I like to ride on alpine tracks more than on country roads, and I do believe that mountain biking is an extraordinary opportunity to bring people back to the mountains. For this purpose I created the website and I wrote my first book.


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My hobbies


Not only MTB... in this page you will discover my other activities!

My bikes


This section is dedicated to the bikes that share me all my adventures!

My book

A due ruote dal cielo

"A due ruote dal cielo / Tessin auf zwei Rädern" is the diary of an extraordinary mountain bike journey in Southern Switzerland, following the seasons and the emotions, in the quest of a tighter relationship with the nature.

My Mountains

My Mountains

Pushed by the desire of climbing higher and higher, I reached some peaks that had never been touched by a mountain bike before...

My hints


There's no way to never get hurt... but here's a few hints on how to get less hurt!

ExtremeMTB Racing Team

ExtremeMTB Racing Team

The racing team of extremeMTB!

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