The toughest journeys

These pages contains the journeys of some of the hardest tour I've made... with just an hint: don't do it at home!

Pizzo di Vogorno (2442 m)

Pizzo Vogorno

The ascent to a huge stone pyramid...

Chüebodenhorn (3070 m)

In MTB sulla vetta del Chüebodenhorn

Wohl die weniger befahrbare Tour, die ich bisher gemacht habe...

Passo di Cristallina (2568 m)

Discesa sul Ghiacciaio del Chüebodenhorn

A tough itinerary, mainly because of the long unrideable stretches both uphills and downhills.

Passo Campolungo (2310 m)

Passo Campolungo

The tour of Northern Ticino in just one day...

Gridone (o Limidario) (2188 m)

Il Gridone o Limidario

Mountain biking on the highest peak around Maggiore lake!

Pizzo Marona (2051 m)

Il Pizzo Marona

Devil's Pass and Holy Stairway: these the places warn you that this tour is not very rideable...

Pizzo d'Orgnana (2217 m)

Il Pizzo d'Orgnana

The crossing from the Verzasca valley to the Maggia valley with a MTB!

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